GCMS-2 Series are aluminium body (double can) electrolytic aluminium AC motor start capacitors & are manufactured
according to IEC -60252-2 standard.
These capacitors use an aluminium case as the double body which is insulated. They retain their shape under high
temperatures. They are easy to install with a motor frame. In case of failure, the electrolyte comes out from the inner
case while remaining in the outer body case and thus is always insulated.

    Parameters GCMS-2
    Capacitance range 21-25 µF to 1000-1200 µF
    Capacitance tolerance 0 to + 20 % standard, other tolerance also available
    Rated voltage 110VAC to 330VAC
    Operating temperature range -25°C to +85°C mentioned as 25/85/21 standard,
    Dissipation factor ≤0.15 at Room temperature(100Hz)
    Rated frequency 50/60Hz
    Safety class S0
    Class of operation, load life test According to the difference in working voltage and capacitance ratings, Duty Cycle 1second “ON” 30sec to 4minute “OFF” 12,500 to 50,000 cycles. Test according to ANSI/EIA -463- B Standards
    Withstand voltage between terminals to case 2000VAC /10Sec.
    Withstand Voltage between terminal to terminal surge voltage between terminals 1.25 x Rated Voltage for 2 seconds.
    Approvals UL 810
    Parameters GCMS-2
    Dielectric Etched and formed aluminium foils (forming voltage according to rated voltage)
    Element Formed Foils with electrolytic capacitor papers of suitable widths and thickness wound on high-speed CNC winding machines
    Impregnation Liquid electrolyte special formulation. Vacuum impregnated on the pores of Electrolytic Papers.
    Case Al can body
    Terminals Terminals as per NEMA Standards
    Diameter (ØA) 40mm 50mm
    Height (H) 78mm 125mm